Inndoor KLS System Specifications

Technical Specifications

Inndoor uses Java with an SQL database deployed on a Linux server. The Key Locking module integrates with CDS Duralock hardware and is backwards compatible with the existing Pavsoft access control systems. This allows existing clients to upgrade easily to Inndoor without any changes to their existing access control hardwares.

  • Multi user system.
  • Linux operating system with graphical windows user interface and optional Microsoft Windows client.
  • SQL database.
  • Support – internet access.
  • Key Locking module Integrates with CDS Worldwide Duralock hardware.

System Requirements

Processor: Minimum 2GHz recommended
Memory: 1GB recommended
Hard Disk Space: at least 2GB free disk space
Screen Resolution: Minimum resolution 1280 *1024
Operating System: Linux OS and optional Windows User Client software
Other Software Requirements: Acrobat Reader, Java (version 1.8 or higher), internet access for support