Inndoor PMS – Booking Module

This module is a property management system with full reservation, guest folio, housekeeping, guest history and call accounting on a single PC, or a network of PC’s.

Truly a hotel property management system with large hotel features at a small hotel price featuring a menu driven solution that is easy to use.


  • An easy to use full functional booking entry screen allowing quick easy one step booking action
  • Confirmation and Tax Invoice generation with customizable Hotel logo and information
  • Unlimited setup for room number, room category, room facilities, room rate plans, seasons, tax plans, transaction codes, market code, source of business, travel agent, group master and guests
  • Setup of room categories with different rate plans for different seasons and packages
  • Flexible room availability display for date range requested. This include the grand totals availability
  • Automatic available room number displayed based on booking criteria for easy room allocation
  • Automatic rate selections based on room category and date range requested
  • Automatic room charge calculation
  • Easy room charges quotation in booking entry screen
  • Track advance deposit for booking
  • Easy Share-with booking with flexible folio control
  • Easy suite handling
  • Easy extended stay capabilities
  • Allow flexible room changes where room charges will be automatically adjusted
  • Group booking with group master details and group or single billings
  • Group or single confirmations via email, fax or hard copy
  • Complete guest folio control: deposit due on booking, balance due upon check out, split bills by by percentage, value, full transfer or split evenly
  • Independent folio control with or without association with a booking
  • Unlimited G/L transaction code setup for G/L account
  • Guest and housekeeping comment
  • Housekeeping management
  • Guest history
  • Allow travel agent setup and commission
  • Easy import and export of tables including your guest data and financial data so you can use it in other programs. Data is exported to standard CSV file accessible by programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel etc.
  • Flexible reporting mechanism on all tables using filtering criteria
  • Support profiling for different users access to restrict unauthorised users from performing tasks that they are not trained or unauthorised.