Simple to use, flexible and affordable

Truly a hotel property management system with large hotel features at a small hotel price!

and more…

An easy and smooth implementation of the property management process – from reservations, guest checkin to guest checkout all in one continuous operation with or without interfacing to third party software and hardware. 

  • Lifetime license (you pay only once)
  • Available for Linux and the Windows operating systems
  • Visual booking chart (including display of all rooms, vacancy, booking status and waiting list for a specified date range)
  • Unlimited number of rooms
  • Flexible folio management
  • Flexible rate plan management
  • Housekeeping management
  • Chart of accounts for back end accounting reporting
  • Guest history for marketing purposes
  • Control user access to management software using easily configurable user profiles
  • Easy import and export of tables including your guest data and financial data
  • Data can be exported to the standard CSV file format to allow easy access by third party programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel etc
  • Flexible reporting mechanism on all data using filtering criteria
  • Continuous auditing of all operations (including financial transactions) performed on the system

The Inndoor Booking module is ideal for bed and breakfasts, guest houses, small to medium hotels – click here for more details.

The Inndoor Key Locking System module is ideal for small to large hotels – click here for more details.

Click here to see some of the hotels that use our key locking system.