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About Pavsoft

Pavsoft (based in Melbourne, Australia) has been designing key locking solutions for the hotel industry since 1993. Our vision is to integrate your business requirements with today’s technology to provide a custom turnkey system which is user friendly, efficient to operate and cost effective. Our aim is to develop strong, ongoing relationships with our clients and provide custom built applications which are tailored to their strategic business considerations.

From our experience and customer feedback with our key locking solutions for small, medium and large hotels we have expanded our purely key locking system to now also support property management.

Most property management systems are large, complex and too expensive for bed & breakfast, hostels, motels and small hotels. Pavsoft has come up with a solution to provide an alternative PMS software with large property management features at a small hotel price. Our aim is to provide easy to use property management software at an economical price backed by quality service.

Pavsoft is always keeping up with new technology and over the recent years Pavsoft has developed Inndoor – an easy and smooth implementation of the property management process with an optional built in key locking – from reservations, guest checkin to guest checkout all in one continuous operation with or without interfacing to third party software and hardware.

If you have any support questions please check out Frequently Asked Questions or email us at Typically we will reply within 24 hours.

When you email your support questions to please include the version number of your Inndoor software (you can see this from Help/About in the main menu). If you’re getting an error then please include the exact error message to help us with our reply.